Hand & Feet Treats

Paraffin Wax Manicure & Pedicure

Hands are dipped in melted paraffin wax for softening and moisturizing. The intense heat allows for deeper absorption of emollients and essential oils.
(Treatment includes heated mittens and booties).

Manicure and Pedicure£20.0045 mins

Callus Peel Treatment

Includes 15mins with the skin softening patches and heated booties and a massage.

Callus Peel Treatment £18.0030 mins


A facial for the feet!

Footlogix Pedicure£30.0060 mins

Soak, exfoliation, Footlogix callus softener, hard skin removal, cuticle tidy, mask & massage. (Includes polish)
Add Gelish for an extra £5.00
Add Gelish Rockstar for an extra £6.00

Manicure & Pedicure

Express Manicure£15.0030 mins

Cuticle tidy, file & polish.

Express Pedicure£16.0030 mins

Cuticle tidy, file & polish.


Applied like a polish, with the strength of a gel. Lasts up to 3 weeks. No chipping, no drying time, stronger nails!

Gelish Hands or Feet £22.0060 mins

(Gelish includes cuticle tidy, file and application)

Gelish Removal£10.0010 mins
Gelish French£24.0060 mins

Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture gel is the original and best soak-off gel nail system, lasting up to 3 weeks and offering a wide range of add ons to treat and repair damaged nails.

Bio Sculpture Hands/Feet£28.0060 mins