Lashes & Brows

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume Lashes are suitable for all lash types, they are the newest technique in the industry and look amazing!! Instead of applying 1:1 lash you apply 2-6D fans to each individual lash using super fine lashes which create a beautiful feathery effect which can be tailored to suit all occasions and lash types.

Full set£602Hrs
Infills£251hr 15

We recommend infills every 2-3 weeks

Hybrid Lashes full set£50.0060 mins

A mix of classic and Russian lashes

Individual Eyelash Extensions

We offer a variety of options for eyelash extensions and our staff are highly trained and skilled to help you achieve the look best suited to your lifestyle and requirement.


A natural set offers the wide eyed look without the need for mascara for clients with sparser lashes or hoping to achieve a super natural effect.


Full set is our most popular choice for everyday wear or special occasions!


Natural Set£3060 min
Full Set£40.0090 mins
Infills (after 1 week)£12.0030 mins
Infills (after 2-3 weeks)£20.0060 mins
Infills (3 weeks)£25.0075mins

Anything over 3 weeks will be priced according to how many lashes you have left

Cluster Lashes (last 3/4 days)£15.0030 mins


Lash*£10.0020 mins

*Patch test required

Brow*£8.0010 mins

*Patch test required

Brow tint & wax*£1530 min

*Patch test required

LVL Lashes

The revolutionary alternative to lash extensions, LVL will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes. Lasts up to 8 weeks.

LVL Lashes*£35.0075 mins

*patch test required

HD Brows

7 steps to the perfect brow! Tinting, waxing, threading & more!
A celebrity favourite!

HD Brows*£2545 mins

*patch test required


Natural hair removal method avoiding wax. Perfect for removing fine downy hairs.

Lip Thread£410 mins
Lip & Chin Thread£1015 mins
Sides of face thread£820 mins
Full face thread£1525 mins